Moscow Bridge 2013 by Cat Strada

The seminar in Moscow with Ikeda Sensei and Mikhail Ryabko was truly a privilege to experience. Sensei’s classes were inspiring, and as always left me with much training to work on. All the training partners were kind. Still, I had a chance to get challenged & grow with honest partners, and by many new friends from regions around Russia.

Colonel Ryabko held really interactive and intellectual Systema classes; lots of focus on internal aspects. The generosity of him and his senior students was extreme. They trained in with everyone, and especially helped me with breathing & striking. They took good care of all the students, and emphasized safety…but also the realities of martial combat. I recommend to anyone to train with them if there is ever an opportunity to.

It was wonderful how the systema students trained in Sensei’s classes…And so many aikidoka tried Colonel Ryabko’s program too. As an aikidoka and systema practitioner, I hear a lot about evolution, having courage to enter into the unknown, being open minded, and relax in all situations. It was encouraging and exciting to see the Instructors at the Moscow Aiki-Systema seminar exemplify those same qualities, that as students we are told to work towards.

Thanks to Ikeda Sensei, Senkai dojo, and Colonel Ryabko for making such a wonderful event possible.

Cat Strada Jiai Aikido

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